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Colorado Springs Amateur Information
Provided By W0MNX
Richard (Dick) Cullen

  • Originally licensed in Alaska as KL7FPB in 1966
  • Next licensed as WA7HDO in Oregon in 1966
  • In 1966 re-licensed as WB6ZDC
  • Operated Maritime Mobile on the USNS Wheeling (TAGM-8) from 1966 to mid 1969
  • Moved to Colorado in 1969 and was re-licensed as WB0AGT
  • Reverted to old call of WA7HDO around 1974
  • Holds FCC Commercial Radio telephone license with Ship Radar Endorsement.
  • W0MNX licensed in 2000
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the
    University of Colorado
  • Retired from US Space Command (US SPACE COMMAND/J5R)[Civil Service].

In Loving Memory

Richard Cullen